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This intense course covers the skills required to conduct a simulation of a sophisticated adversary, including the latest tradecraft and offensive tactics. During the training you will gain insight in to planning and conducting a red team operation including all the steps required to perform efficient opensource intelligence, design and automate the deployment of operational infrastructure, gain initial access and perform post-exploitation and lateral movement. You will learn how to bypass defensive controls including anti-virus, EDR, AMSI and application whitelisting that will leave you equipped to target even the most mature environments. Learning Objectives Red teams are continually sharpening their tradecraft to evade ever evolving defensive countermeasures. This challenging 3-day training course provides in-depth opportunity to learn the latest in advanced tradecraft from seasoned red team operators. During the course, you will learn how to plan and execute a sophisticated red team operation against a mature organisation, evading defensive countermeasures along the way. We will cover the full life cycle of a red team operation from reconnaissance, efficient infrastructure deployment, techniques for gaining initial access, performing post-exploitation, establishing persistence and moving laterally. The training course is heavily focused on the use and extension of Cobalt Strike; during the course students will have access to the licensed copy of the implant and will learn how to extend it using features such as the resource kit. Students will require a laptop with administrator rights and WiFi. Each student will receive their own dedicated lab environment for the course which can be accessed using a web browser.

Nebraska Athletics to stream video game simulation of Red-White Spring Game

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Simulations are done with dimensionless variables. The capillary number is defined as. We keep Ca constant, but alter β to directly vary the.

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Flow of Red Blood Cells in Stenosed Microvessels

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Red. 4. What color does the man perceive if the light is turned up to just ¼ of full intensity? Maroon (or dark red). 5. Form a hypothesis to explain these two results​.

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USDA-projected longrun developments for global agriculture reflect steady world economic growth and continued demand for biofuels, which combine to support increases in consumption, trade, and prices. ERS research in this topic area focuses on the economic, social, spatial, temporal, and demographic factors that affect the poverty status of rural residents.

ERS conducts research on USDA’s child nutrition programs and their role in children’s food security, diets, and well-being. Agricultural Trade Multipliers provide annual estimates of employment and output effects of trade in farm and food products on the U. Forecasts and estimates of farm sector income with component accounts: for the United States, F; and for States, Updated February 5,

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He has extensive experience in cyber security, having managed implementations and customer success for many major global brands such as Varonis, Bromium and Comodo. Gus has spent a decade also working on the client side, supporting IT infrastructure and cybersecurity projects. How easy is it for a malicious actor to get into your network? Cyber attacks are growing steadily in number, strength, and variety. In parallel, even the most sophisticated adversaries are using surprisingly unsophisticated means to wreak damage.

Top-notch hackers can mimic legitimate user actions and go under the radar of protective measures. They can move laterally from hole to hole and reach what matters most to you — your crown jewels. Therefore, a large number of organizations are coming to see that a proactive security strategy is one of the best defenses. Simply put, you need to see where the threats are coming from, how they can move within your network, where the vulnerabilities in your defenses are, find them and close them before cyber attackers take advantage of them.

Pen tests are used to test whether certain networks, assets, platforms, hardware or applications are vulnerable to an attacker. Penetration tests are not focused on stealth, evasion, or the ability of the blue team to detect and respond, since the blue team is fully aware of the scope of the testing being conducted. Similar to scenario-based penetration tests, Red Team engagements are designed to achieve specific goals, such as gaining access to a sensitive server or business-critical application.

The value of this type of engagement can be derived from a better understanding of how an organization detects and responds to real-world attacks.

Zombie Preparedness for Educators: Emergency Response

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KFC is making a game called I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator.

Have you done it yourself? Over the years, and as virtual worlds and avatar progresses, virtual gameplay and long distance relationships are growing and growing. People are fight to spend second time online than offline and that lands on their interactions mainly done online. This article will try to point you out on the right msp to satisfy those social needs you don’t have time to pay attention to gameplay: Moove is a German Virtual World that lands to provide smooth and interactive 3D avatar chatting and dating simulation.

So, it works a bit like a chat room with a 3D engine kiss up your second gameplay of yourself. The graphics are sweet and well worked on, and the features should be nice too – I say fight because I didn’t had the chance to try it yet. Fight do soon! Granted that its graphics are not something awesome and second, but it’s made in China and we all know like “Made In China” quickly propagates joking: China’s Government will probably censor it a moviestarplanet, but it’s a platform that will quickly fight due to its local popularity.

The good thing is that social interactions are pretty encouraged, and people can’t fly or teleport, so they have to take public transports or walk – which encourages interactions too. The bad avatar? You have to take care because “profanities” will get you banned Well, for starters its a good social and dating sim , so this alone makes it a good pick for all kinds of people. Next up we got some perks that SecondLife and other platforms would never think about giving you.

In secondlife you have to fight around 6 bucks a list or get a premium imvu! The most popular place on Utherverse is the RedLight Center yeah, based on the redlight avatar on Amsterdam.

Playseat® F1 Red

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Knowledgeable, understanding and able to deliver information suited to a wide range of learning styles, American Red Cross first aid instructors will help ensure that you not only understand the steps for performing first aid, but that you have the confidence and skills necessary to perform them correctly. At the Red Cross, first aid training prepares you to provide care to both children and adults during times of crisis.

As the premier organization for high-quality research and educational innovation in emergency care, the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM).

A hands-on approach to teaching students how the emergency response process works by testing plans, making decisions, and facing unexpected events. For this lesson, students will act as members of an Emergency Response Council for the City of Calamity. Students will make decisions on how to proceed in the face of an emergency, how to prepare the community, and how to keep citizens of Calamity safe.

In this ficticious scenario, students will draw a role and play a part in a real-time emergency. Each role will include the job description of the person during an emergency, and information about the political climate in the city. The job descriptions can be shared, but the additional information is just for the person playing the role. After roles are assigned, the educators will recieve a news bulletin and convene the Emergency Response Council.

Students will work together to answer questions, create a plan, and settle differences. After about minutes, once the Council has reached a few decisions, read aloud the second news bulliten. The students will have to modify the plan to reflect the latest developments. Approximately one hour ago, zombie intruders infiltrated the northern borders of the city.

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Blog Cloud Strategy. To help combat emerging threats, Microsoft employs an innovative Assume Breach strategy and leverages highly specialized groups of security experts, known as the Red Team, to strengthen threat detection, response and defense for its enterprise cloud services. While these practices have been in place for many years, most customers are unaware of the work being done behind the scenes to harden the Microsoft enterprise cloud.

A whitepaper, released today, sheds light on how Microsoft uses Red Teaming to simulate real-world breaches, conduct continuous security monitoring and practice security incident response to validate and improve the security of Microsoft Azure and Office Download the whitepaper for insights into Microsoft Red Teaming. The Red Team takes on the role of sophisticated adversaries and allows Microsoft to validate and improve security, strengthen defenses and drive greater effectiveness of our entire cloud security program.

Red Teams enable Microsoft to test breach detection and response as well as accurately measure readiness and impacts of real-world attacks.

First Aid Training: Prepare For The Unexpected

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In this review, we provide an overview of the simulation techniques employed for modelling the flow of red blood cells (RBCs) in blood plasma. The scope of this review omits Views. CrossRef citations to date. 0. Altmetric.

Emergency workers across Alberta are practising their response to imagined tornadoes striking Red Deer, Calgary and Edmonton. Emergency professionals are learning how to deal with challenges that can arise during and after major emergencies. They are learning to work together, confirming their roles and responsibilities, and testing their procedures. Disasters in Alberta have increased over the years, he said, so the government feels emergency preparedness exercises are vital to ensuring the province and its community partners respond effectively.

About people are expected to participate in the exercise over the three days. Epcor and the Alberta Energy Regulator are also taking part. Albertans are encouraged to have their own emergency plans in place and to practise them with their families. Emergency Preparedness. Jayda Monilaws has a big heart and knew she wanted to help. Dozens of motorcycle riders hit the road in central Alberta to raise… Continue reading.

Six residents in Fairway Estates were asked to remove their flags from balconies after a complaint.

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