Ryuto and Pippi

Yan-Sim Suggestion Rules. Yandere Sim Only Blog. The only reason Shin exists is because Oka completely screwed up a demon ritual and accidentally summoned a mirror-world version of herself instead. Her parents have no idea he exists. She sneaks food downstairs for him. Shin: Now I will show you your fortune. Shin: Why is every card death?

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Yan-Chan knows more ideas about kokona and kokona haruka yandere simulator sept 22 build. Kokona’s father is from beedrops! Yandere simulator sept 22 , matchmaking as she wears a long, but not too much. You can matchmake kokona has the power of yandere faceyandere animeyandere girlmanga animezeldakokona harukayandere simulator charactersyendere.

MATCHMAKING | Yandere Simulator (#) • Video Games Online • Free MATCHMAKING PIPPI & RYUTO | Yandere Simulator (#).

I need help! I’ve looked all over this webside, on Yandere Dev’s channel, but I can’t find it! I need help on making these two fall in love! I really want to try it, but I don’t know how! Please help! Matchmaking is not currently in the game yet, it may not even possible to matchmake them together in the final game as there’s no point in matchmaking non-rivals.

That’s very likely. The matchmaking feature was a really major update and now that it’s out the same platorm can be adjusted to matchmake other students as well. I’d probably guess that Pipi and Ryuto will be way easier than Kokona since they already have a crush on each other so it shouldn’t take a lot of convincing.

Also, from the update video we can assume that the next major update is the implementation of Osana, which is still at least a few months away, so meanwhile we can probably expect many minor updates and it wouldn’t be surprising if they focus on improving the matchmaking ability.

Pippi and Ryuto

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MATCHMAKING PIPPI & RYUTO | Yandere Simulator (#) · WINNING YANDERE SIMULATOR SIM! | Yandere Simulator (#).

I do not have a way of playing Yandere Simulator myself so I am unable to take my own. In this post, however, I will mostly be focusing on Gema Taku and the gaming club! However, it must be acknowledged that the characters in this game ARE stereotypes!! Tsundere childhood friend!! Obsessed yandere. Lots of actual main characters are designed to poke fun at how certain character types are portrayed in anime!

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KokonaxSaki Instagram Posts 43 posts. It took a break for a bit, but hopefully I can post more active now. I worked really hard on this one, and I hope you like it. This one, or the last one I made? You can answer honestly.

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Sep 30, – 19 minPippi and Ryuto will finally confess their love to each other Catch me live pippi osu matchmaking. Matchmaking in Yandere Simulator. Yandere Simulator Maj Matchmaking 22 Septembre. Im Pippi Osu! Im your average, shy, gamer school girl, I have a crush on When do you have dating scan Ippongo, and were in the same club! Making matcchmaking is essential to the Matchmaking elimination method. Pippi Osu and Ryuto Ippongo.


After a long, long wait, the Matchmaking elimination method is finally implemented! You can learn all about it here:. As I mentioned at the end of the Matchmaking video, my next priority is going to be the Rival Introduction video. There is a small chance that the video could be slightly delayed if I decide to change some of those things.

Matchmaking ❤. @dumbluckycharm Take it!this is your request(I all the other areas of study i’ve pursued in my life. Pippi:Minecraft. Ryuto:minecraft as well.

I hope I make sense…. Human trafficking is bad, and so is almost everything else in the game. Even the matchmaking implement requires something gross. But, by any means, keep searching for and replying to crit posts, I needed a good laugh today. You literally pay a criminal to get rid of someone for you, either with human trafficking or organ harvesting.

Just surfing the tags Yandere Simulator or yansim brings these posts up. Not my fault you feel the need post about so many irrelevant things. I needed a good laugh today too. Try this, search yansim with a in front of it. Not to mention, why would the yakuza give two shits about ayano? If you wanna know why we have problems with the idea, I dunno, sit down and actually pay attention to the points we make instead of replying to shitposts about it, sweaty. Thanks for the info!

#matchmaking pippi and ryuto

When school ends, I walk over to the occult club room. On my way over, I see the gaming club roaming around, Pippi and Ryuto among them. I supress a smile. Everyone at Akademi High knows they have feelings for each other

The club is made up of Pippi Osu (a girl who loves playing Osu!), Ryuto Ippongo It’s like an easier version of the matchmaking mechanic.

I still wonder would would happen if a student developed feelings for Yandere-Chan. Over the course of the week you could get close to a male or female student and get them to like you. Then, what if you could use that student to help you with your rival elimination? Which would prompt you to have to kill them before they get the chance.

And I think to nerf this ability, only a small number of students should be able to develop such feelings for Yandere-Chan, so maybe you can only do this twice per playthrough. I love and your work and understand that kokonuts is a test subject but I have grown attached to kokona and I feel she is important to the game. I hope she will still be in the final game. Your email address will not be published. Matchmaking in Yandere Simulator September 22, Gaming YouTube Heroes The Jimquisition.

Kai Ah September 22, at pm. A Gamer Called James September 22, at pm.

August 18, 2018 Build, Gaming Club Additions

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First rival to kill or matchmaking? Tumblr link [Hanahaki Disease explanation and Ayano’s picture] / [Budo’s picture] / [Oka’s picture] / [Pippi and Ryuto’s p.




your friend, which is important to the matchmaking implement. Ryuto Ippongo: Loses his bandana-. Pippi Osu: Unsure if her game is sucky or her console is.


Yandere Simulator : What happens when you refuse Riku,Pippi and Ryuto’s task

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