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So you need to figure out the year of production for your Fender guitar or bass. You’re not alone. Fenders rank as the most frequently bought and sold instruments on Reverb , and finding a precise date of manufacture can be key to determining the value and specifics of an instrument. The most important thing to keep in mind when dating a Fender is the highly modular nature of the designs. Like Henry Ford, part of Leo Fender’s genius was in optimizing the company’s production efficiency. His guitars were built en masse by an entire factory, not a single luthier toiling over one instrument at a time. Features like bolt-on necks and pickups wired into the pickguard all helped the Fender factory churn out guitar after guitar, day after day. This also means that various parts used on a particular guitar may have come from different points in time, so no single number can absolutely define when the instrument was built.

Fender reissue telecaster

Most notably, production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses, although there were periods when this was not consistently done to , for example or simply omitted. Neck-dating can be useful in determining the approximate age of a guitar, but it is certainly not definitive because the neck date simply refers to the date that the individual component was produced, rather than the complete instrument. Given the modular nature of Fender production techniques, an individual neck may have been produced in a given year, then stored for a period of time before being paired with a body to create a complete guitar, perhaps, for example, in the following year.

Therefore, while helpful in determining a range of production dates, a neck date is obviously not a precisely definitive reference. Most specifications for a given Fender instrument model change little if at all throughout the lifetime of the model.

The Fender Stratocaster (and Telecaster) from the ‘s put the solidbody Vintage reissue instruments have the date on the butt end of the neck as was used.

For information about how to use this forum please check out forum help and policies. Posted by: Borna. I just saw one in my music shop and fall in love I have fender esquire ’50 reissue, it’s fantastic – could you compare those guitars? Re: questions for ’52 american vintage telecaster guitarplayers! Posted by: Koen. Heh, I’m about to buy one. I don’t know how they compare to an Esquire Tele. Re: questions for ’52 amerivan vintage telecaster guitarplayers!

How to Date your Fender (By Serial Number) in 60 seconds

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DATING YOUR U.S.-MADE FENDER STRINGED INSTRUMENT For most of Fender’s V + 4, 5 or 6 digits (U.S. Vintage Series except ’52 Telecaster),

Fender Japan Website. Anaheim, California. From American Deluxe and Classic Series Teles to Custom Shop beauties and even signature models by legendary rockers, this selection of Telecasters is like taking a time machine through. We here at Casino Guitars have brought all the way from Japan one of their masterpieces; the rare and elusive Blue Flower Jazzmaster. Hi i have this old looking guitar it looks like it one of the first guitars made well in my opinion it does it doesn’t have a sticker in the body to tell me the name or model it doesn’t have the name on the head bit either but it does have a black hornby stamp on the front of the body at the bottom so i was wondering if u can help me figure it out iv been searching for help for a while now and.

Found a at junkyard and paint is perfect match but the car was made in Japan. Serial ‘s. Other badged guitars produced by Terada include some Burny badges and interesting Thumb guitars. From its inception in , the Custom Shop has grown from two builders to today’s more than 50 artisans—a veteran band of builders, each a specialist dedicated to their own area of expertise—working together to build your ideal Fender to your exact specifications.

The official Fender press release lists features like nitro cellulose finishes over urethane alder and ash bodies for the ’50s and ’60s Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster models.

Fender Japan Website

In I bought a 54 Strat reissue and its the best sounding guitar I’ve ever played, the case had a nail poking through the felt and chipped the finish, I kept it because the tone was 5, results for fender telecaster Save fender telecaster to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. In , Fender released the American Vintage reissue ’72 Telecaster Custom, replicating the original ’72 design features such as the three bolt neck and the classic look, with improved construction and quality.

In this first-ever reproduction, the Fender ’72 Telecaster Deluxe Electric Guitar duplicates every cosmetic nuance of the original introduced over 3 decades ago. It also uses dual humbuckers for added punch and sustain. Sporting two American Vintage single-coil pickups, the ’69 American Vintage Thinline Tele has the same light body and, relatively speaking, slightly lower price tag than Fender Telecaster Thinline Super Deluxe – This model achieves the classic country sound of the Telecaster with a semi-hollow body.

The basic Fender Telecaster wasn’t altered as radically, but was given the new The most well-known reissues were the ’52 Telecasters and ’57 Stratocasters.

Custom Search. Dating 52 reissue telecaster. In der beziehung mit anderen flirten. Fender Telecaster Reissue Database. This article Remember, these serial and neck numbers were never really intended for historical dating. They were Kennenlernen w imperfekcie. Things to say in an online dating message. Vintage Series except ‘ 52 Telecaster , My ex wife is dating a married man.

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Dating 52 reissue telecaster

This is one of the most sought after of the JV guitars Japan Vintage. This was one of the guitars that was not sold in the US. You will definitely not see one of these around quite often! This is the version that was exported out of Japan and what everyone wanted.

It’s interesting that whilst this is definitely not a ’52 reissue, it still say in my MIJ vintage reissue Tele articles, please don’t try to date these.

Site Search. This particular reissue came only in blond, two-tone sunburst, and candy apple red metallic. I think the blond was actually the only version technically in keeping with the original. For those who aren’t aware, there were two separate versions of the Candy Apple Red finish used on old Fender guitars. The first was achieved with a metallic sliver base coat, overlaid with translucent red, and the second featured the same translucent red colouring sprayed over a metallic gold base coat.

The red-over-silver version is generally regarded as the more desirable of the two. Probably the most obvious inaccuracy was the wiring arrangement. This reissue had a post electrical setup which gave: 1 bridge pickup alone with the switch in the back position, 2 both pickups together with the switch in the middle, and 3 neck pickup alone with the switch to front. However, a real Tele would have had the previous wiring arrangement.

Early 1990s Fender MIJ ’50s Telecaster Reissue

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I believe the main reason why the ’52 Tele had the certificate and the others did not was the serial number format and location. Since it was just.

For most of Fender’s U. Production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses. The neck date simply refers to the date that the neck was produced. So, obviously a neck date, while being helpful in providing a date range of production, cannot be a definitive reference. Serial numbers are also helpful in determining the year of production of a given instrument.

Serial numbers have been used in various locations on Fender instruments through the years. The following chart details the Fender serial number schemes used from to There is quite a bit of overlap of numbers and years. There is quite a bit of overlap of both numbers and years. The following charts detail the most common Fender serial number schemes used from to the present.

Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster review

Read the current issue of VG. Serious electric guitar players and collectors clamored for reissues of the original instruments. But both manufacturers, at the time mere cogs in large corporate wheels, all but ignored them. Since being purchased by CBS in , Fender had radically modified the Stratocaster and Telecaster models on which its existence was essentially based. Numerous spin-off models of the Tele were created, though, some of which had the infamous three-bolt neck attachment.

Eric Clapton toured with Blackie, a mongrel built from a variety of Fender Strats.

This means you have a “52 Vintage Telecaster”. Date will be under the neck which will have to be taken off. Note: Some of the models numbers do overlap.

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How to Date your Fender Guitar by Serial Number

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Like the body and neck dates, using serial numbers to date a Fender is not a Esquires, Broadcasters and Telecasters shared a serial number on the headstock or the neck-plate in the case of certain early reissue models.

Leo carried over features from the Hawaiian steel guitars Fender had already been making since , such as the ashtray bridge cover and Kluson tuners. Its simple yet effective design with two pickups and a 3-way-switch and revolutionary sound broke ground. Even today with all of the technological advancement this very first design satisfies the demanding needs of many guitarists. Under its new ownership Fender produced numerous Telecaster spin-off models throughout the 70s.

But most musicians rather played guitars from the 50s and 60s then the new designs. Because the deal did not include production facilities in Fullerton, California the USA guitar production ceased in late The original finish on a Telecaster was blonde. Since it had no UV inhibitors the vintage blonde color turned into a faint yellow color over the years.

Butterscotch Blonde BSB is supposed to simulate that color. Since there have been three different versions of the 52 Reissue made in the U. The following overview should give you an idea of the differences and improvements that have been made over the years.

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This article is intended to help you date your Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Precision Bass guitars all the way back to the early s. In order to tell how old your Fender is you will have to find the indentification number or neck number. The serial number location has changed a few times of the years.

From to Fender guitar unique numbers were stamped in the bridge cavity cover plate. Modern Fender production guitars, to the present, have their ID numbers on the front or back of the headstock near the Fender decal. In Fender decided to start making reissued vintage guitars.

manufacturers dating old Strats Deluxe American Standard “The Strat” Time Machine Strats Vintage Plus Vintage reissues of ‘​57 52, 54, 56, 74, 85, , , , , TBX tone control Telecaster​.

I often get asked, how old is my Fender guitar? The Fender numbers tell the story of the company over the years. Unfortunately, the serial number placement is sporadic and many ID numbers over lap between years and models. In many instances, there is no exact known date for a specific guitar. That is why I decided to write this article. I want to help you understand how to tell the age of your Fender as well as any Fender you see.

Fender like Gibson has been producing guitars for many years. Certain styles and colors have come and gone over the years, but there is no real obvious way to tell how old a Fender is other than the identification number. Unfortunately, Fender decided not to simply write the date of manufacture on the guitar. They decided that it would be easier to decipher the serial number code than just write the year on the guitar.

Fender FSR Limited Edition ’52 Telecaster

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